Seshme Holloway, Managing Director

Seshme Holloway is a dynamic, resourceful entrepreneur with a passion to empower others. She has successfully completed RaizCorpā€™s three-year intensive Supplier Development Programme, scooping the Blue Heart Award. This award is given to those who have a relentless ability to stand up again and again with courage. Seshme has persevered to grow the company by accessing funding and mentorship through various programmes, continually reinventing herself to keep moving JRS Solutions forward.

Irwin Holloway, Technical Director

Irwin Holloway is an expert in the Electronics industry. With over 30 years of experience, he brings the technical know-how and wealth of experience to the JRS Solutions team. Irwin has successfully mentored various technicians in the Electronics industry; many of whom are now entrepreneurs who have been empowered to run their own businesses. He has a passion to teach and develop the technical knowledge of all those who work under his wings. With his specialized expertise and understanding of Port operations, Irwin Holloway has opened a door for JRS Solutions to partner with Camco Technologies, an international company supplying Port Automation equipment to Transnet Port Terminals. JRS Solutions Camco Technologies in South Africa exclusively and we are responsible for the installation and maintenance of their equipment in South Africa.


JRS Solutions is an innovative electronics security solutions provider with specialised expertise in Port Automation and tailor made installations for various Original Equipment Manufacturers.

JRS Solutions was established in 2008 by Irwin & Seshme Holloway.

We have a passionate desire to introduce new methods and advanced technology to meet the needs of OUR clients.

JRS is proudly BEE Level 1.

JRS is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

JRS is 100% Black Women Owned

PSIRA accredited

JRS Solutions specializes in


Access Control

Port Automation

Audio Visual

I.T Software & Hardware

Maintenance Solutions

Insurance Service Provider

Integrated Automation

Lan Cabling

Comms Cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling Splice & Test

Comnet Fibre Optic Transmission Equipment

We are proudly the first SA company to partner with Camco Technologies, an International company specialising in Port Automation.

We are have successfully installed and continue to support and maintain their equipment at Transnet Port terminals in Durban and Port Elizabeth for the past five years.